Since being launched in January 2006, Kasp® has made a real impact within the security market. The padlock market is extremely mature and had been stagnant for many years. In bringing innovation to the padlock market, Kasp® soon became recognised within the industry with leading grocery stores, industrial suppliers, online suppliers, trade catalogue companies and high street stores now stocking Kasp®.

Created by Carl Kammerling International Ltd, Kasp locks are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Precision engineered from premium grade materials, ensuring exceptional strength and outstanding reliability, Kasp locks are renowned for being locks you can trust.

Research led packaging design resulted in the Kasp classification system which ensures correct product selection. The scale runs from 1 to 15 the higher the number, the higher the security rating. To further aid selection, ratings have been grouped into 3 general levels of security – low, medium, and high. Click here to see more about our security ratings.

The progressive and eye-catching packs are further complimented with display options to maximise impact in-store, helping retailers generate incremental sales and encouraging impulse purchases.

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