"Why Marine? I don’t live next to the sea"

Or maybe you do and already see the demand but did you know that...

The UK is a coastal nation with over 11,073 miles of coastline, 94% of the UK population live within 50 Km (31 miles) of the sea, that’s 25.6 million homes*(Eire the figure is 86%, 1.7 million). That’s a lot of sheds, gates, bikes, lockups not to mention beach huts and boats all of which need to be kept secure.

Sea salt spray, particularly on the west coast can travel significant distances, well over 30 miles, bearing in mind that salt water corrodes metal 5 times faster than freshwater it’s important to select the correct padlock to avoid corrosion and malfunctioning.

145 Marine Padlock

Our 145 Marine padlock exceeds the ISO 9227 salt spray requirements, showing no signs of corrosion or mechanical failure. Backed by the Kasp quality guarantee you can buy with total confidence that the 145 Marine Series can stand up to the elements.

Our concise range includes 40 and 50mm padlocks, standard and long shackle and keyed alike in all variants. The range packaging is eye catching and informative to ensure correct product selection.

We also offer a compact eye catching counter display to promote the range to your customers.

Who needs a Marine Lock?

If your customers are looking for a durable, weatherproof, price competitive padlock then take a look at the Kasp 145 Marine Padlock range, backed by the unbeatable Carl Kammerling Service package you know you will be onto a winner.