Kasp locks are strong - very strong...

To prove it we devised the ultimate test of strength and nerve, demonstrated in our TV commercial. Filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, it involves suspending a man from a crane 200ft about a busy downtown street by two lengths of cable held together with a Kasp® 125 series brass padlock. Needless to say the strength of the Kasp® padlock was more than enough to prevent disaster.

The "rookie stuntman", a thrill-seeking film producer called Ben Tonge, spent weeks training for the shoot after passing a medical. Click here to view a short film clip of how the commercial came together.

The commercial itself was viewed by an estimated 15 million people when it first aired during 2006 and it will be back on screen again this year but if you can't wait, please see below:

Hanging Around: The Making of the Kasp® TV Commercial

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